About Us

Oorja means Vigour. Oorja is an energy that helps the earth ecosystem to sustain.  Thus, OorjaCity is a city where earth-friendly initiatives are getting all power and energy to thrive.

We at OorjaCity are one of the pioneers in engaging communities to brainstorm on multiple aspects of urban sustainable development ranging from the future of energy, food, and environment to effective mechanism to engage youth and experience to achieve real sustainable development goals of Mother Earth.

 OorjaCity-The Prompt

Urbanization is the prime challenge of the fast-developing world. It is estimated that by 2050, 60% of the world population would be living in cities.  In 2016 world leaders at United Nation had come up with seventeen World Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to be achieved by 2030. In a layman’s language, they are otherwise known as Global Goals. The main tasks are poverty eradication, a greener planet and peaceful co-existence amongst people.

We have taken up the challenge to work towards bridging the gap between knowledge and accessibility of sustainable solutions within a city and to make the SDGs known to the communities and the volunteer groups alike.

Our Vision

  • Be a catalyst to sustainable urban development.
  • Empower every individual in the city with the knowledge and provide accessibility to possible solutions of sustainable urban development near them.

Our Mission

Help the community initiatives, green innovations, and solutions designed at the grassroots level to reach all for effective co-creation of smart and sustainable cities.

Our Approach

OorjaCity is an online platform (building) to effectively connect communities, community initiatives, volunteers, green business service providers, NGOs and other organizations which actively form the ecosystem of sustainable urban development to co-create sustainable cities.

OorjaCity actively encourages local urban communities to experiment with some of the complex problems in sustainable development and collectively find innovative solutions for better community life.

Our Community-building initiatives

Come volunteer with us. How? Read on.

For the sake of efficiency and effectiveness of achieving the Global goals, we have listed community initiatives which could yield possible solutions.

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Food
  • Waste Management
  • Green Businesses
  • Environment –Air, Water, and Soil

 Scope of work

When the intention is right, and the energy is high, one always wonders the starting-point. There’s a huge scope of work to cover. Check out the list here and find one that fits you. We can take it up from there!

  • Sustainable Sources
  • Green services
  • Green products
  • Urban farm projects
  • Natural health solutions
  • Green Business Support
  • Community Initiative Support.

Four Channels

We have Four channels to spread the word about green efforts. As an Individual or as a Group(s), you can use these channels to spread your work and invite others to participate in achieving sustainable development in your city.

True to our name, we at OorjaCity are one energized team. We are eager to hear from you and team up with you. Please write to us at oorjacity@gmail.com.

Oorja is strength.  Let’s bind together strong enough to create the energy to change our planet for good.  Let’s leave our planet in a better condition than what we were in.


*1. We are in a beta version right now. Please feel free to share your feedback if you find any disconnect or misplaced information.

*2. We would be happy to receive any other feedback on the further scope of improvement. Inform us at oorjacity@gmail.com

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